January 15, 2006

A Prescription from the Doctor

Royalty Free Music- You Pick 'em Plan

There are some pretty sharp deals on Royalty Free Music on the web these days if price is all you care about. Some days it seems that buying Royalty Free Music is like buying a pound of nails-- true commodity pricing. Just like a bushel of wheat or dare I say it, a barrell of sweet light crude.

Aah, but the cure for all audio/visual/video productions is good sound design and my friends, that means great music. But can you buy great music by the pound? Price then by extension is only one factor or should be only one factor in any music buying decision.

What else is there? Well, how about quality. Do you hear great writing and great musicianship? What do your ears tell you? I urge you not to compromise on quality. It¹s perhaps the only thing differentiating your effort from the guy down the street. And when you consider that most reputable royalty free libraries provide for virtually unlimited use of a cut of music, why not simply buy the best sounding cut period? The cost per use is probably pennies. Yes, I said pennies.

So, we have price, quality and then what? Well, how about selectivity? Just how easy is it to bob and weave between all the cuts being offered and get just what you need? Why buy a pile of tunes that you¹ll never use just to get a great price on one tune that you will?

Alright. There¹s price, quality, selectivity and what else? Why format of course. In today's world, most of my patients use their computers to create, meld and mix sound and video. So shouldn¹t any format be friendly to/with your computer? You bet it should.

So what¹s this all leading to. A simple prescription from the Doctor. Over the counter too. Your productions don¹t need intensive care, all they may need is the "You Pick 'em Plan" from CSS Music. Get what you want, spend what you want. Get a computer friendly format, a great deal and sound like a million bucks. Oh, and take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning.

January 08, 2006

Happy New Year from the Doctor

Happy New Year!