July 17, 2009

Royalty Free Music Available With Self Service Bulk Download Plans, Saves Users 35-90%

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2009 -- Royalty Free Music company, CSS Music (Los Angeles), has launched a new self service Bulk Download program on its web site http://www.cssmusic.com.

End users can select one of two Bulk Royalty Free Music Plans. Each plan has six pricing tiers including a budget $199 tier. Subscribers can select Plan I which counts down D.A.W.N. Dollars (D.A.W.N. is an acronym that stands for Digital Audio Worldwide Network) or select Plan II which counts down downloads. Compared to regular single track downloads that CSS offers, Bulk Download subscribers can typically save 35% or more (Plan II Tier 6 subscribers save 90%).

CSS Music is intended for film, video, television, internet and audio visual uses and licensed on a royalty free or lifetime blanket basis. There are 83,295 files available for download in .wav format (44.1khz/48khz), .mp3 (44.1/22khz), .mp4/AAC (44.1khz) and QuickTime (44.1khz).

CSS offers a free trial of the Plan I Bulk Download subscription. Online visitors are invited to call a special toll free number and obtain a promo code that will enable them to open their trial account that provides $40 in free, fully licensed downloads. All 83, 295 files are available. Once the initial $40 in a trial account is used, www.cssmusic.com visitors can choose to renew their trial account as a regular Plan I Account, choosing one of the 6 pricing tiers or simply walk away with no obligation created.

CSS offers 3 search systems: "Most Popular by Genre" Music Supervisor Playlists, Standard Keywords, User Keywords. Once end users complete searches, their selections can be added to Playlists they create. An unlimited number of playlists can be created for various clients or projects. These playlists can be e-mailed to associates or clients across the hall or around the world. Tracks can be downloaded from playlists. Each tune in a search result or playlist can be played in its entirety before final selection. Users can also use a utility that allows a selection to be played at any point in its timeline to more closely identify editing posts and other production values.