October 29, 2009



Los Angeles, CA, October 23, 2009 -- CSS Music, a Los Angeles-based royalty free music library, has upgraded its entire collection of music tracks for the film, video, television and digital media industry to a superior quality .mp3 320 kbs file format. All 12,000 tracks on CSS Music’s website are now available for digital download in this new file format in addition to .WAV files at 44.1/48khz and .MP4 (AAC) files.

CSS Music president and founder Michael M. Fuller described the upgrade of his royalty free library delivery formats by saying, “When you're talking about compressed files in an .mp3 format, the gold standard without a doubt is 320 kbs. While our 160 kbs files were excellent, taking our royalty free music downloads up to .mp3 320 kbs was a necessary move. Today’s clients are looking for ways to stretch their dollars and at the same time they’re looking for quality. They demand quality. Now because of this upgrade our .mp3’s will sound smoother with a more transparent high frequency response.”

CSS has been offering .mp3 320 kbs files on their hard drive systems for the last 5 years, providing an effective high quality substitute for non-compressed .wav files. However Fuller added, “Clearly there’s been a shift to digital downloading. With better and faster broadband connections, we decided now was the time to make .mp3 320’s available for downloads as well. Now our clients can get the best quality in an .mp3 download without paying more." For clients not requiring the higher quality .mp3 format, CSS Music still offers a lower resolution version priced for those on a tight budget.

All of CSS Music’s file formats (.mp3 320kbs, .wav 44.1khz/48khz, .mp4/AAC) can be accessed either on a single track basis or by using one of two Bulk Download Plans. Bulk Download Plan clients can save from 35-90% compared to CSS’ regular single track download prices.

The CSS Music web site, www.cssmusic.com, offers 3 independent search systems. Each track in a search result can be reviewed in its entirey in full 44.1khz sound quality. Site users can also use a Playlist Tool to create an unlimited number of playlists for different projects, scenes, etc. Playlists can be e-mailed to clients or associates.

CSS Royalty Free Music updates are announced at their Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/cssmusic

About CSS Music
CSS Music was founded in 1982 in Los Angeles, CA and is the oldest US based royalty free music library under original management. CSS has more than 300 CD volumes and 12,000 downloadable music backgrounds in its 17 library package. CSS Music is intended for use in AV/Video, Film, Television, Multimedia and Internet applications. Delivery formats include CD, Custom CD-R, Single Track Download, Downloadable CD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Hard Drive. Popular CSS libraries include Super Themes, Target Trax and Repro-file. For more information, please visit www.cssmusic.com <http://www.cssmusic.com>