November 12, 2008


CSS Music (Los Angeles), the oldest royalty free music library under continuous original management (since 1982), has released 6 new CD volumes, for a total of 318 (11,885 tracks).

The six new CSS volumes include the long awaited Super Themes Vols 63 and 64, “Rock and Rebellion I & II”, from film composer David Wurst. Wurst’s brother, Eric, also a renowned film composer, wrote and produced Target Trax 49- “Animation & Comedy”. Also new are Repro-file Plus Vol. 27 “Hit Driven Rock”, Powertrax 24 “Mean Streets” and MAX TRAX Vol. 49 “TV Time”.

CSS royalty free licensees can buy physical (shipped) CDs or Q-Disc downloadable versions. Single track downloads are also available in wav, .mp3, .mp4, and QuickTime. The CSS download system automatically calculates applicable volume discounts or downloaders can sign up for one of two bulk download discount plans.

All 11,885 CD tracks are previewable in their entirety at CSS Music offers a free CD demo available by calling 866-CSS Music (277- 6874)