December 17, 2011

CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music Offers Updated Royalty Free Music Bulk Download Plans-- $40 in FREE Downloads to Demonstrate

When it comes to the ultra competitive royalty free music market today, a plethora of delivery systems have cropped up each purporting to save the end user the most money while delivering the most product at the same time. It often boils down to two basic concepts, subscription plans vs. a bulk download plans.

On the surface both types of download plan appear the same but they actually work differently. Typical subscription plans come in both 1-month and 1-year terms. While they may offer “unlimited synchronizations” during their terms, downloads expire when the subscription expires. Music downloaded for a given production can not be re-used for subsequent productions. Bulk download plans on other hand work essentially like a pre-paid phone card. You fill up or re-fill the “card” and download until the money deposited is used up. The downloads themselves don’t expire and can be used in an unlimited number of productions typically for 50 - 99 years.

“Royalty Free Music subscription plans are really not royalty free in the traditional sense”, says CSS Music Creative Director, Mike Fuller, “1-month or 1-year subscription plans being offered today effectively re-invent the production blanket or annual blanket plans of old. Those plans were and still are inflexible and very expensive and were the reason royalty free music was invented in the first place back in 1978.

“We’ve recently updated our two bulk download plans at CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music to offer even more bang for the buck, especially at the entry level. The typical end user saves 50-90% over regular single track downloads while preserving the integrity of true royalty free licensing. To demonstrate how easily and effectively CSS /D.A.W.N. Bulk Download Plans work, we’re offering $40 in FREE Downloads using our Plan I.”

The two CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music Bulk Download Plans can be purchased online in one of 10 pricing tiers starting at $199 for 20 downloads. For more information on CSS Music /D.A.W.N. Music Bulk Download Plans or to get a promotion number for the $40 in FREE Downloads Demonstration of Plan 1, call 1800-468-6874 or visit

December 03, 2011


Some new download subscription plans being offered are not really royalty free in the traditional sense. They are in reality quasi production and annual blanket plans. They purport to offer "unlimited downloads". But in reality they only offer unlimited synchronizations during a given month or year. If you purchase a BULK DOWNLOAD PLAN from CSS Music / D.A.W.N., every selection is licensed to you for a full 99 years, not just a month or a year. Use each and every downloaded selection as many times as you like in any given production and in an unlimited number of productions. Furthermore, there is never any time limit for taking your downloads. Take a day, take a week, take a year or more if you like. AND you'll never have any monthly subscription credit card charges that automatically get added to your account. If you have questions about how D.A.W.N. bulk download plans compare with these new plans from other libraries, please call us at 800-468.6874 and ask as many tough questions as you like. We're here to help. If you like unlimited synchronizations fine, but remember if you don't do enough in a given month to justify the expense, you may be wasting your money.