September 18, 2017

Have Yourself A Merry Little Unspecified Holiday

Holiday Music from the CSS Music Library

Whether it’s Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc. you’ll want music to compliment your show or commercial. And your only decision may be, do I want a traditional tune  everyone knows? Or a track that evokes the emotion of that holiday? CSS Music has you covered either way.

Let’s say you’re creating a sequence for your show or a commercial for Memorial Day. Your choices might be “America The Beautiful,” “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” or “Battle Hymn Of The Republic,” all found in our Digital Ditties library. But if you choose “Patriotic” from the CSS Music Keyword Alpha List or type in to our Build-A-Search window, you’ll find pages of Patriotic themes that may better suit your needs. Tracks like “Soldier Salute,” (Super Themes 73) “The Patriot” (Super Themes 33) or “Mission Accomplished” (Super Themes 55) might provide more of the sentiment you seek.

Even Christmas can be emotionalized with some new music that evokes the Holiday. Again, you will find in Digital Ditties classics such as “Silent Night,” “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Deck The Halls” and many others produced with very traditional arrangements. Yet tracks like “Memories Of Christmas,” (Max Trax 6) “Christmas Light Power,” (Powertrax 6) or “Sounds Like Christmas” (Repo-File Potpourri 10) will conjure up the Christmas spirit without relying on the tried and true tunes.

Of course there are unusual Holidays like “National Hangover Day,” Bubble Gum Day,” “Do A Grouch A Favor Day, “Garden Meditation Day” and (our favorite) “No News is Good News Day.” And we at CSS Music can envision tracks that would work appropriately for each one of these quirky days. No matter what may be thrown at you, even “National Video Games Day,” we have the music that will make you feel like it’s your birthday. J

September 12, 2017

Whoosh, Spin, Boom!

Underscoring Your Animation With CSS Royalty Free Music Electronic Effects

You’ve just created the coolest animated graphic bumper ever and you’d like to pump it up with some cool sounds or short music bed. Never fear, CSS Music can have you zooming, sparkling or swooshing like a champ!

We chose to call our electronic effects library E-efx since we felt this moniker differentiated these types of sounds from conventional sound effects. Our first disc E-efx, is somewhat of a potpourri of emulations of conventional sounds, electronic cartoon sounds, a few low pads in addition to a few zaps and shots.  You’ll find there are multiple sounds on each track—we really maxed out the use of time on the old CD format. J

With E-efx II we give you more of the traditional whoosh and zaps while on E-efx III a/k/a Light effects, you’ll find the sparkles, risers, light airy swooshes, etc. And you’ll love the music transitions/endings on tracks 60-99. These short music tracks may provide the perfect companion to underscore your animated bumpers.

On E-efx IV we created what can only be described as Alt Effects. With some truly bizarre names (i.e. Bumstead, Diggy Roll, Trollop) that reflect their unusual sounds, longer soundscape pads plus some very quirky Groovz on tracks 71-99, you’ll undoubtedly find a use for this curious collection.

Our latest additions, E-efx V and VI contain lots of the spins, whooshes, zings, zaps, shocks, etc. that you can mix and match for animated enhancement of your graphics. You’ll enjoy auditioning the wide variety of noises on these two volumes and matching them to your project.

So whether you need a simple sparkling glissando or a hard-hitting THAWK, CSS Music’s E-efx library has you covered. And with the current trend using very short music cues, be sure to check out the collection of short beds and Groovz (on E-efx II, III and IV) you’ll find on the last 30-40 tracks of each disc.  We believe you’ll find them super useful--and they’re offered in a wide selection of styles and tempi!

September 08, 2017

Be A Sport

Using CSS Royalty Free Music For Less Well Known/Unusual Sports

You may run into situations where you face underscoring a scene for golf, cliff diving, cricket, bowling, jai alai, synchronized swimming or other less known sports. There’s no arguing that finding music for football, baseball, basketball, track or auto racing is fairly easy in the CSS Music library. But what if you find you’re searching for music to compliment a polo match or an equestrian contest?

We believe that you first need to assess the mood you’re attempting to create. Will you be using multiple cuts with close-up of horse hooves, polo mallets striking the ball and riders hunched over their stallions? You know, a real adrenaline-driven mood. Or are you covering the event with long shots interspersed with the crowd shots as you attempt to capture a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous vibe? As you might envision, the former scenario would be well served with a track like “Wild Beast” (Super Themes 79) whereas the later might benefit from something like “Positive Experience.” (Super Themes 43)

Even a sport as benign as billiards might be viewed using the same approach. A series of close ups, shot at table level and edited in a fast paced manner could be enhanced with a track like “Amped.” (Super Themes 70) Or if you were shooting for (no pun intended) the tension as found in the classic film, The Hustler, a tune like “Right Where I Want You” (Super Themes 68) will have viewers biting their nails.

No matter what sort of unusual sport is thrown your way, (again, no pun intended) you simply need to evaluate the direction you’ll be taking and establish some keywords to search the CSS Music library. Even something as unusual as scuba diving (keyword “underwater”) can be underscored with a track like “Tension At 20,000 Leagues.” (Project Platinum 17) Just decide on your point of view and use your imagination; we’ll be here with music to meet any situation—or any uncommon sporting event—that may come across your DAW.