April 30, 2011

CSS Music Adds 15,000 New Sound Effects To Download Site

ZOUNDS! What Sounds!

Los Angeles based CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music has just added 15,000 new sound effects to its download web site www.dawnmusic.com. The new package called “Econo-fx” is delivered in either .mp3 320 or .wav file 44.1khz file formats.

“Econo-fx is the perfect compliment to our MAX-EFX and E-EFX packages,” explains CSS/D.A.W.N. creative director, Mike Fuller. “Both MAX-EFX and E-EFX were designed by radio production people and present effects using an ‘in your face’, ‘mind’s ear’ approach. Econo-fx on the other hand is a full service 23 category package that features the natural sound techniques of master sound recordist, Ric Viers. Some really good foley effects for example. Even the electronic effects sound real.

“I’ve always said that you can’t have enough sound effects” Fuller continued, “and it’s important to cover sounds from multiple perspectives. Econo-fx does this by covering most of the sounds in MAX-EFX and E-EFX and by adding thousands more. Econo-fx makes a great cost effective addition to any sound designer’s palette.”

Econo-fx is available on a one effect per track download basis. MAX-EFX and E-EFX sounds are delivered in a multiple effect per track basis. Econo-fx tracks download for $4 each in either 44.1khz format while MAX-EFX and E-EFX tracks download in full bandwidth for $7, with a 22khz format also available for $4. Both sound effects packages have their own search system. Econo-fx offers a “drill down” approach to its 23 categories making it possible to quickly reduce results from thousands to just a few effects. MAX-EFX and E-EFX provide a pull down menu plus a user entry keyword field.

CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music offers offers more than 27,000 tracks of royalty free production music and sound effects and has served the AV/Video, film and broadcast industries since 1982. For more information, visit www.cssmusic.com or www.dawnmusic.com. or call 800-468-6874.