June 11, 2009

22khz vs 44.1khz Download Sampling Rate

Choosing The Best Sampling Rate

Many of you have called and asked what the difference is between a 22khz D.A.W.N. download and one at 44.1khz. The first difference is price. The 22khz files are priced approximately 60% of the 44.1khz files. The most important difference though is quality. 44.1khz is “CD Quality” (20-20,000 hz frequency response) while our 22khz downloads are more nearly “FM Radio Quality” (30- 11,000 hz). Many applications do not require the best quality (e.g. message on hold telephone programs) and so 22khz is the cost effective choice. And in skilled hands a 22khz file can often be tweaked to “recover” some of the higher frequencies with judicious EQ. While we recommend downloading the best quality initially rather than massaging files, we know that real world budgets often dictate choosing 22khz. Budget considerations aside, however, when you select 44.1khz on D.A.W.N. you get more format choices: 44.1hz / 48khz .wavs in addition to .mp3, .mp4 (AAC) and QuickTime compressed files at 44.1khz. 22khz downloads on D.A.W.N. are available only in .mp3.

June 02, 2009

New Playlist Feature on www.dawnmusic.com

Great News! We've added a new playlist feature on our single track download site: www.dawnmusic.com

What Is A D.A.W.N. Playlist?

The D.A.W.N. Playlist system is a great way to organize music for all your various projects or just to keep track of music or SFX you like or may want to use in the future. When you find a selection you think might work, you can add it to playlist and then name the playlist for the project you’re working on (e.g. XYZ Co. New Product Rollout Show). Whenever you find new tunes, you can add them to an existing playlist or create a new one. You can also change a playlist name to update it for another project by typing the new title into the “name playlist” field at the bottom of an open playlist. If you’re working with others on a project or need client approval for example, you can simply e-mail a playlist— across the hall or around the world. You can even e-mail a playlist to yourself as a reminder or idea irker. Every tune is reviewable by clicking the .mp3 “forward triangle”. You can also buy a track from a playlist by clicking the “Buy Track” button. You can also delete tunes from a playlist or delete an entire playlist as you refine your music needs and preferences.

How do I get started using D.A.W.N. Playlists?

Getting set up for D.A.W.N. Playlists is quick and simple. Click “add to playlist” under the “buy track” button in your search results. You will be taken to a sign in page. If you’re new to the process, click where it says “click here to register”. Simply enter your e-mail address and a password of your choosing and then submit. When you want to review your existing playlists, create a new playlist or e-mail a playlist, log in with your e-mail address and password. You’ll be able to log in any time you like 24/7/365.