January 17, 2017

A Drone That Doesn’t Fly

Using Electronic Elements Effectively

If you’ve ever seen a film where there are scenes with tension, horror or something otherworldly, you’ve undoubtedly heard the ubiquitous (usually) low synthesizer or bass/celli drone. The static, unrelenting tone is generally the harbinger to something important is a comin’!

Whether you’re trying to convey anticipation of quietly stalking a wild animal or waiting to see if the engine you’ve been rebuilding will fire, the use of a drone can really perk up the tension. And it also serves as a sort of “intro” leading to the climax of the your scene.

At CSS Music we have a couple different sources for these types of tracks. Using our Keyword Alpha Lists you can explore topics like Evolving, Futuristic, Horror, etc. You’ll find traditional compositions that may embody some type of drone element or a track that fits the genre. But if you want to dive right in to electronic mayhem, the CSS Music 6 disc set of E-Efx (Electronic Effects) will provide you a wide selection of sounds.

Briefly…E-EFX is a potpourri volume with a variety of electronics. E-EFX II provides whooshes, zaps, swipes, etc. E-EFX III (Lite) offers more sparkly effects. E-EFX IV is more of the bizarro/alternative bent. E-EFX V and E-EFX VI are your meat and potatoes electronics with multiple versions of each category. NOTE: CSS Music recommends checking out the later tracks (approx. cut 70-100) on E-EFX II through IV. You’ll find more musical tracks that may perfectly suit your needs!

If you’re looking for music that evolves from a drone and has more of a futuristic vibe, check out CSS Music’s 2-disc Soundscapes library. This music could be deemed Electronica or Experimental—it’s definitely a unique experience!

Try flying in a drone! (Pun intended.) You might be surprised how this production element adds ear candy to your show!

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