December 04, 2017

The Emotionality Of Film Music

How Great Compositions Move Us

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’re engrossed in a film and as the final scene concludes and the music soars, we find ourselves wiping tears from our eyes.  Think about the final scene of “E.T.” or the opening scene from the terrific animated movie, “Up,” the multiple heart-wrenching scenes in “Schindler’s List” or the emotional conclusion in “Saving Private Ryan.”  While these films would probably still bring a tear without music, the (mostly) John Williams scores heighten the experience and add a dimension of sentimentality that goes right to our hearts.

As mentioned many times, we at CSS Music are fanatical film fans and love the satisfaction when a great movie moves us. But what is the secret to making emotional music versus a track that simply supports a scene? Much of the formula lies in composing a simple, memorable thematic that captures the vibe the director is attempting to communicate and then timing it with the photography and dialog.

CSS Music is blessed to have film scoring guru David Wurst who excels at writing this style of music and orchestrating it masterfully. If you listen to a track like “Heroes Never Die” (Super Themes Vl. 77) you’ll hear an inspiring building theme that crescendos to a huge major chord. Or from that same Super Themes volume, there’s “Dramatica” featuring a large choral ensemble and a melody that modulates upwards to a spine tingling conclusion. If you wanted to communicate the tension of an impending heroic—and most likely dangerous task, “Give Me Strength” (Super Themes Vl. 80) offers aural excitement with a touch of foreboding.

Even if your show doesn’t typically use this type of music, you may find that it may provide ear candy and possibly “move” (pun intended) a scene into an entirely new direction. Even if you utilize melodramatic music in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, we believe the emotional music found in the CSS Music library will always deliver. Audition a few tracks by clicking on “Film (Dramatic Themes)” from our Hand Picked Genre/Category Hot List and experience the emotionality of this fantastic music.

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