November 01, 2017

Pumping Up The Impact

How To Use CSS Royalty Free Music’s Film Music To Heighten Your Show’s Power

Is there anything that gets your blood pumping more than an action scene in a movie that is underscored with bombastic music that builds, then drops to a simple rhythmic groove, and then crashes back in as the scene evolves? Why couldn’t you use the principal filmmakers rely on to add some ear candy to your reality television show?

At CSS Music we’re blessed to have the unbelievably talented film composers David and Eric Wurst contributing to our library. Having scored over 60 films, this brother team really knows how to write exciting movie music and they’ve contributed some terrific tracks that you can use in your next show.

But you may be wondering how to make film music work in your show. Let’s say you have a situation where your characters are driving somewhere in search of something. Your immediate go-to music would probably be an upbeat travel track. But if instead you tried something like “Chasing Evil” (Super Themes 77) the mood would suddenly change to dark and driving (pun intended.) Even if the trip your characters are taking is lighthearted, this dramatic track will lend as sense of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Or another situation: someone on the show has performed some sort of heroic feat or did something nice for someone. Try a halo visual effect on the “hero” and use “Epic Fight.” (Super Themes 80)  Try the short version--the uplifting thematic will immediately conjure an image of a hero. Again, even if the action this person performed is mundane, the halo effect and this music will give you cheeky fun.

As we’ve said many times in these blogs, CSS Music loves films and the music that brings them to life. It may seem a little outside the box to juxtapose great film music to an unremarkable scene, but at the same time, it will definitely perk up your viewer’s ears. And in this age of so much competition, isn’t that something you want your show to do?

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